Peñín group has recently published the 27th edition of their “Spanish Wine Guide”, the most influential in Spain. The Guide rates as Excellent or Very Good all all of our Priorat wines that have been submitted to the analysis of their tasting team.

Specifically, Clos Mustardó white and red have obtained 90 points, considering that they are excellent wines. This category emphasizes that the wine is full of olfactory and gustative nuances produced by the set of values that bring the varieties, the soils, the elaboration and the ageing.

In the case of Clos Corriol and Els Igols, with scores from 87 to 89 points, the Guide emphasizes that they are Very Good. For Peñin guide, they are wines that emphasize the nuances of the variety or those acquired during the winemaking and ageing process.

The guide also values in wines an important parameter: the quality/price ratio (QPR), identified with stars. Of note are the 4 stars of the white wines Clos Mustardó and Clos Corriol which indicate a very good value for money.

Scores for the Peñín 2017 Guide are:

Clos Corriol Red 2015 87 points
Clos Corriol White 2015 88 points 4 stars
Clos Corriol Rosé 2015 87 points 3 stars
Clos Mustardó Red 2012 90 points 3 stars
Clos Mustardó White 2014 90 points 4 stars
Els Igols 2006 89 points