D.O.Ca. Rioja


Though it is true that the presence of vines and wine in the area goes back 2.000 years in time, under Roman rule, the economic importance of the wine industry in the region takes off in more modern times, when some great European wines, and among them Rioja, start being commercialized across their borders, to attend the growing demand due to the population increase that were concentrating around big cities.

The starting point of the modern Rioja history begins between the end of the 18th C and the middles of the 19th C, with the introduction of the new winemaking and ageing methods. It is then when the region and its wines really acquire their differentiated profile and when the first brand building wine cellars are founded, those that today have become centennial.

Since then the region has been constantly updating the processes, adapting to modern consumption habits and market evolution.

It has always been at the front in wine innovation methods and its vocation for excellence has consequently consolidated the image and prestige of the Rioja wines among consumers, placing it as one of the most recognized regions in the world.

It is the oldest appellation of origin of Spain, nowadays with more than 60.000 has of vineyards at both sides of the river Ebro, in the valley formed between two mountain chains: Sierra Cantabria (North) and Sierra Demanda and Cameros (South).

An appropriate climate, mix of Atlantic and Mediterranean, with enough rain fall and mild temperatures, facilitates ideal conditions for vines. The variety of soils and diversity of original varieties together with the growing techniques make possible a wide portfolio of wines with their own personality but with a common identity that can be clearly recognized.

Elegance and character

With an average yearly production between 280 – 300 million litres, the “tempranillo” is the basic variety with a 75 % of total grape growing and added to the “garnacha”, make the 90 % of the total wine production be red.

The differentiating feature of Rioja wines is its great ageing suitability, being habitual to mix grape from different areas and plots looking for a complementation which emphasizes the final product. They are wines that have the elegance, originality and character of the great wines

It is estimated that in Rioja there are approximately 1.3 million oak casks, the biggest barrel depot in the world. No doubt it is the oak that marks the character of these wines which are classified depending on the time spent being aged in the barrel.



A Rioja with history. The best vineyards of the kingdom in a land of conquests.

Rioja: Fame that crosses borders thanks to its vocation for excellence