D.O. Penedés / D.O. Cava


Its location, sheltered by the pre-coastal mountain range and the Sierra de Montserrat, flooded by the sun and open to the Mediterranean influence, makes the Penedes a naturally privileged land, running along a wide strip of land among sea and mountains, half way between Barcelona and Tarragona.

There is evidence of the existence of vineyards and crops in the area in times of the “Cosetanos”, Iberic tribes that lived 2.500 years ago, though it is true that the romans were who strengthened vine growing in the area and it is known that with them the Penedes wines were exported to Galia, Brittania, Germania, Roman Italy…

So, to speak about Penedes is to speak about a millenary tradition but at the same time of innovation and improvement, because it is the pioneer region that introduced many of the changes that have marked the development of modern wine growing both in Catalonia and Spain.

After the arrival of Philoxera that devastated all grown vineyards, this territory was chosen as the ideal enclave for the replantation of new vineyards grafted in American root. Besides, the decision of growing them with white vines instead of red ones, favoured the development of “cava”, Spanish champagne version, as a local product with worldwide recognition.

Not long after, Penedes is converted into the epicentre of all technological innovation in the wine industry, there the first temperature controls are established, the first stainless steel fermenting vats are used as well as all the utensils of modern wine technology.

The vine and its fruit have always been held in high esteem, it has been so for generations, open to any positive influences coming from outside.
A complete luxury for your palate, with wines for all tastes.

A thousand colours and tastes

From the sea to the mountain, the singularity of its wines comes from the different climates between areas, variety of soils and landscapes.

It offers a wide exquisite range consequence of experience and constant innovation: fruity and smooth or complex and structured, fresh young and oak aged … though today it is best known for its famous white wines.

With an area of about 30.000 has of vine planted, most of which used for the winemaking of cava, at present, more than 15 million bottles of wine are commercialized, of which one third is exported.

Under the banner of xarel-lo, the DO Penedes / DO Cava combines an offer of wines elaborated with traditional varieties: xarel-lo, macabeo and parellada, with more universal ones such as chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot…



Wines of family tradition. Bouquet, taste and freshness: genuine pleasure for your sense.

Penedes: Land always open to new tendences