We could place the seed of this project at the heart of Penedés region, cradle of modern wines, where for seven generations, the Ametller family have been connected to the world of wine.

From there, at the end of the last century, the firstborn of the family started a pilgrimage through several wine-growing areas, looking for distinctive vineyards with which the quality of the blending’s could be improved.

This road in quest of excellence led him to discover new soils, climates and varieties and at the same time permitted him to meet different professionals that though came from various origins shared the same passion for the world of wine and what surrounds it.

This is how AWW was born, formed by a group of professionals, all with their own baggage of experience, knowledge and assets that pursue the same ideal: “create the wines we enjoy and place them within your reach”.

We would like to share with you
all that fascinates and is enjoyable for us