At AWW we are involved in achieving a global sustainability, from the country to the city and vice-versa, built day by day on the work of all.

In the first place, we want to contribute to the development of a well-formed, sensitive consumer market. In order to preserve the wine culture that has accompanied us for centuries, nothing better than to awaken peoples interest to learn about it, encourage a healthy but responsible habit of dairy consumption, discovering the pleasure that it produces getting into this world. Uniting culture, health and enjoyment.

A strong consumption brings development to the industry linked to it and to the farms from which it is supplied, all this guarantees the economic viability of this way of life and the continuing of the communities dedicated to farming. This allows rural life to be alive and creates wealth to be fairly distributed for all.

Finally, we must be respectful with our environment, who´s resources we cannot exhaust. We must practice a long term sustainable agriculture. Apply processes in field and cellar that are environmentally friendly at the same time adapting ourselves to climate change, as well as to the use of recycled materials practising R+D+I to preserve the treasure that surrounds us.

We contribute to divulge a culture,
preserving its customs and environment