Mas del Mustardo is located at the town of Morera de Montsant, the most northern part of the appellation of origin, 700 metres above sea level, laying right at the foot of the magic mountain of Priorat, the Montsant Sierra, that gives a distinctive character to its soils, mixture of limestone, clay and slate.

This plantation shares scarce rainfall and a marked thermic contrast between day and night which can even reach 25º C, permitting grapes with a high tannin concentration and good ripening. Apart from this, here at the heights, temperatures are milder with good ventilation and slower vine cycles thus conferring a special character and personality to its wines.

One of the biggest country estates of Priorat, with more than 26 hectares of vineyards. The planning of the plantation was carefully designed looking for long term sustainability to obtain an ideal quality yield in such a harsh land.

The cellar was built at one end of the property, at the side of the present road, at the exact point where it joins the old road of the Carthusian order “Camino de los Cartujanos”. So here we have united both the latest modern technology with tradition and deep rooted customs such as hand harvest and bunch selection that guarantee careful, personalized management of the vines and their fruit.

The Carthusian monastery path that goes by the wine cellar and crosses its vineyards, was the old way of communication between the Scala Dei Monastery, epicentre of the historic Priorat situated at barely 6 km, and the royal road that linked Tarragona to Lleida, that was still in use till the middle of last century.

A country estate with personality at the foot of the “magic mountain”

Rough terrain with simple, humble villages that transport us back in time where there was no place for hurries nor stress.

There we get wines of a distinct personality, influenced by the character of the property where height, mild temperatures, thermic contrast and limestone leave their marks.

Aromatic wines, well structured, but with that touch of freshness and complexity that makes them irresistible. Visit us and enjoy their magic.


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