Our history starts in the year 1194 with the arrival to these lands of lay Guillem, who appeared among the novices and monks that coming from France joined the Carthusian community that had just been constituted in the region. Community created to attend the needs of the future monastery that was to be built at the foot of the “sierra de Montsant”.

Friar Guillem became a privileged witness of how the Carthusian community´s activity gradually modelled the surrounding environment with the planting of crops, specially vineyards for wine making, and the building of the well-known “Carthusian roads” that connected the monastery both with the coast and with the towns in the inner parts of the county.

Effort and silence, work and meditation… There is a bend on the way from the monastery towards the “royal road” that rises from Reus, just in the place where for the first time you can see the village of Cornudella. At this point, the monks would like to sit among the vineyards, to rest and recover strength after a hard day´s work, enjoying the valleys wonderful views, surrounded by a privileged environment where peace invited them to meditate in silence.

Surely it was at this spot where friar Guillem was impregnated with the secrets and mysteries that this mountain transmitted, acquiring knowledge and wisdom which twenty years later led him to become prior at the monastery.

It was our wish to capture this same spirit in our wines, wines that we obtain from the vineyards at precisely this spot, reason of having given his name to the wines. We want them to be a reflection of Friar Guillem´s words: “The road to perfection has only one secret, that your words be few and great your effort”.

Our vineyards are typified by their location at more than 500 metres altitude, which makes them well aired, in good sanitary conditions and a guaranteed contrast of temperature between night and day during summer, most important for a good ripening.

Moreover, the soil characteristic: limestone, clay and slate, together with a cold climate in winter that becomes hot and dry in summer, make the roots look for water in depth, have little growth and a great concentration of polyphenols.

The monks based their legacy on silence and work

A remarkable wine, consequence of centenary tradition and faithful reflection of the land. Produced with the typical original varieties, garnacha and mazuelo/cariñena grapes, in perfect harmony, with the different nuances of each variety clearly present.

The garnacha grapes contribute to a sensual aromatic characteristic, great complexity and structure, while the cariñena grape is more aromatic but with a moderate alcohol level and very good acidity. Perfect symbiosis!